Interview to Dr. Juanjo Trilles
by Mar Sadra
Q. Where does the name of the Juanjo Trilles Cup come from?
A. The name of the Cup comes from the name of the foundation that promotes, organizes and sponsors it. This foundation, created in 2002, is called ‘Juan Jose Trilles Foundation for the Development of Knowledge and the Arts’. During the past 8 years the foundation has promoted and funded many events aimed at the investigation on Human Being’s nature, Philosophy, Religions, Modern Science and also for stimulating different forms of Artistic Creation. In this sense, the foundation considers that the ‘Creative Artistic Billiard’ is an art ...
Two New Initiatives

Juanjo Trilles Challenge
It is an original bet in carom billiard that intends to gather, within a given modality, the world’s two best players, that is to say, the number one and number two in the international ranking in order to celebrate a long duration match –4 days- and determine who is really the best player in the world for that modality. Due to the fact that it is a ‘long run’ match, we expect to minimize the ‘luck’ factor which normally has an excessive influence in regular competitions with shorter matches. In the ‘Challenge’ the one who wins can truly be considered the best. For more information:

Juanjo Trilles School
This is a project under progress intended to provide top-ranking teachers, normally world champions, to discover their secrets to attending pupils in order for them to rapidly achieve a very high playing quality. Nothing can be said yet about the date of the School’s launch or the places, names of teachers, programs, etc., although some works constituting the material of the School have been already prepared. For more information:

Juanjo Trilles School

See this interesting video!

The first published training video of the Juanjo Trilles School deals with the technique and the implied physics in the Massé shot. It can be downloaded clicking here: The Massé without Effort.

The visual performances have been extracted from another video by the same author. It can be downloaded clicking here: Fantasy and Artistic Billiard by Juanjo T.

News and Announcements
Final Results
These are the final results of the 2011 edition of Juanjo Trilles Cup.
The negative numbers show that the player risked his points in order to try a most difficult figure.

Sander Jonen 2011 world champion of artistic billiard
On May 29 2011 Sander Jonen won the final match in front of Bernd Singer.

Extract from Kozoom web page

The owner of Biljartclub Osdorp from Amsterdam, Sander Jonen, broke a new record: for the first time in history an artistic ...