Interview with Dr. Juanjo Trilles
by Mar Sadra
Q. What is the ‘Juanjo Trilles Challenge’?
A. It is an original bet in carom billiard that intends to gather, within a given modality and in a long duration match – normally 4 days-, the world’s two best players in order to determine who is really the best player in the world for that modality. Due to the fact that it is a ‘long run’ match, we expect to minimize the ‘luck’ factor which normally has an excessive influence in regular competitions with shorter matches. In the ‘Challenge’ the one who wins can truly be considered the best.

Q. What was the origin of the idea?
A. The initiative is a conception of Xavier Carrer, CEO of Kozoom. He is a very intelligent person with remarkable driving talents that enjoys all my trust. He proposed the name and the basic structure of the Challenge and asked me if the foundation that bears my name, (“Juan José Trilles Foundation for the Development of Knowledge and the Arts”) could provide the required funds as well as the organization and facilities that had already been used in the Juanjo Trilles Cup. I gladly accepted his proposal.

Q. What billiard modalities will be considered?
A. Initially 3 cushion carom but ...